Introduction to hand-board model manufacture process and benefits

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The production process and model of the benefits of the model
(1) test designs (2) test structure design (3) avoid directly open the risk of the mould (4) the product launch time greatly advance the palm is not only the visual and touch, he can be very intuitive in physical form to reflect the designer's creative, to avoid the disadvantages of "painted a nice which does not look good". The hand in the production of new product development, is an indispensable product shape the process of scrutiny. Because of the board is to be assembled, so it can directly reflect the structure is reasonable or not, ease of installation. To solve the problem as soon as possible.. Due to the mold manufacturing cost is high, relatively large die hundreds of thousands or even millions of value, if found unreasonable or other problems in the process of mold, one can imagine the loss. The palm is made to avoid such losses, reduce the risk of mold. Because of the excessive of Shouban, you can in the mold development before the use of hand made products, propaganda, even pre sales, production preparatory work, early occupation of the city Shouban model process:
Production Shouban model (polishing, painting, printing, etc.) is a traditional, to division the blanks of the excess material cutting off to get the prototype of a processing mode. From a technical point of view, is an integrated rapid prototyping, computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM), computer numerical control (CNC) and other advanced technology, the computer to form 3D model is made from a single piece of material in the CNC machining center tap and a processing method. In Shouban industry, CNC machining General for some of the more large parts of the shell structure and solid appearance of plate, its wide range of materials processing, also can do some for functional testing of structure parts.
Model advantage: a direct use of engineering plastics, low material cost, wide material selection range B equipment stable performance, simple C can be the parts are properly decomposition D is particularly suitable for parts in processing large size and structure is relatively simple.

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