Analysis the problems existing in the mold cavity surface finishing

2018-07-21 14:01:15 zhongqi 0

The precision machining of the mold cavity surface is still a difficult problem in the world, which is mainly due to the following problems.:
Mold cavity diversification and irregularity
In many situations, the surface of the mold cavity is irregular three-dimensional free surface, because these surfaces have different shapes, which to finishing the cutting tool or tool trajectory and feed bring a lot of trouble. That the use of modern CNC machining technology to control the movement of the tool or tools, but also brings great difficulties to the preparation of NC program, so this is lead mould finishing difficult to automate the root cause.
The adaptive and flexible difference of the tool or tool used in the machining of the die and the finishing
Due to the special nature of the surfaces of the mold, processing it tools or abrasive to have good self adjustment ability, also is the so-called adaptive to change themselves out of the running track with the contour shape change, of course, here is fine. This requires that the mold cavity tool has a certain range of plasticity, that is flexible.
The accuracy and the surface finish of the mould surface are higher
This is also mold their own characteristics, die as a processing workpiece model, its level of accuracy directly determines the accuracy of the workpiece is good or bad, also the life of their own, resistant to corrosion and abrasion resistance and processing can smooth the workpiece from the mold removal plays a vital important role. Even some of the methods of processing itself has a very high machining accuracy, but with in mold processing, but due to tolerances in to improve the degree of finish of the surface of the mould at the same time, it is very difficult to keep the workpiece's original form, the result is not ideal.

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