In our country to the mold cavity finishing method, and the application of technology

2018-07-21 14:01:29 zhongqi 0

Most foreign mold manufacturers use mold design, processing and assembly integration, is mould CAD / CAM / CAE integration, using CAD software and reverse seeking engineering design; assembly test mode using virtual reality system found interference timely adjustment, in under the condition of no problem, before processing. In the machining process, the machining center and CAD / CAM, the whole process integration is a workpiece installation completed parts processing, so the precision of the workpiece can be guaranteed.
At present, China's mold cavity finishing method is still machining and machining two aspects, and machining more and more advantages. In addition, is a technology of mould CAD / CAM application, but due to the characteristics of the mould complex shape are difficult to be standardized, so cavity die CAD / CAM was not as developed as die and plastic mould in CAD / CAM development so mature.
Still, this is a developing direction of the machining method of the mould cavity.. In these machining methods, the development of machining technology of machining, grinding and machining of EDM in machining technology is developed.

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