Five major problems in plastic mold industry

2018-07-21 14:02:09 zhongqi 0

(1) development is not balanced, overall product level low although the products of individual enterprises has reached or close to the international advanced level, but overall, the mold precision, cavity surface roughness, the period of production, life and other indicators as compared with foreign advanced level compared there is still a large gap.
(2) backward technology and equipment, organization and coordination ability difference, although some enterprises through technological transformation in recent years, technology and equipment level has been more advanced, some of the foreign invested enterprise level of equipment does not lag far behind in the foreign, but most of the enterprise technology and equipment is still relatively backward. More important is, enterprise organization and coordination ability is poor, it is difficult to integrate or mobilize social resources for our own use, so it will be difficult to undertake large projects.
(3) the majority of enterprises the ability to develop weak innovation capacity is obviously insufficient on the one hand is the low proportion of technical personnel, the level is not high enough, on the other hand is less investment, research and development; more important is the idea behind, to innovation and development enough attention. Mold enterprises should not only pay attention to the development of the mold, but also pay attention to product innovation.
(4) the contradiction between supply and demand difficult to mitigate the short-term in recent years, China plastic mold, meet the needs of the market rate has been less than 74%, the large, precision, long life mold to meet the lower rate estimated less than 60%. At the same time, the mold of the industrial developed country is speeding up to China, the international purchase more and more, the international market prospects. Market demand, production and development of a difficult time to keep up with the situation in short supply will continue for some time.
(5) system and the talented person question will take time to solve in the socialist market economy, competition in the industry, especially such as mold depends on the special users, a single production industry, the original state-owned and collective ownership structure and operating mechanism has become more and more adapted to. The number and quality of talent can not keep up with the rapid development of the industry.

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